Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The very last session before the mastering begins

Yes.. last nite was the very last revision session before we finally proceed to the next session.


The producer, DJ Edo, were asking specifically to lower down the sound of the guitar, turn up the sound of flute, and shift the string sound in the chorus a lil bit to the right. and yeah Haria fixed it good.. hehe

Jalan Keluar

Dis time.. I requested to replace the current voice of nengah with the previous one.. and yes im luvin it and feelin it :)


Just adding some sounds and make it even bigger.. hahaha

Satu Cinta

Me and kiki fixed the last chorus and placed the shout at the back, coz it sounds a bit annoying before.. haha yep i admit it.. my voice can be so annoyin sumtimes.. hopefully not all d time.. hehehe

and that's it.. Thx Haria and Kiki for coping with me for the last few months.. but it's been a great journey guyz.. thx for all d luvs n efforts u put for each of ma songs..

After the revision, i still needed to do a rehearsal. Me and Soul ID will perform live on air at Radio OZ 90.80 fm today. So, Keytut, Joel, and Rama (Soul Brothaz) were helpin me with the whole acoustic session. The rehearsal went so fun. Thx guyz.

Drusteelo stayed a lil bit longer too after supervising the last revision. He looked a bit tired tho, but still managed to help me puttin my songs into the right order. Thx so much Ka :)

I went home about 12.30 am.. uhh so tired but im so excited.

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