Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bronies is heard on the radio!!!!!

Yaaayyy!!! just now (6.37 am) Jaydee (Soul ID) and ma manager, Masaru, just informed me that "Bronies" had just been played on Trax FM. Yaaay!!!!

For those who have heard it, please dont forget to request the song yah :) and for those who haven't heard it, stay tune to your favorite radio station and keep requesting. Thx heaps guyz!

Also, I have uploaded the full version of "Bronies" on myspace. To have a listen, visit


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Bronies" is released to the radio!

Yes Baby! The journey has begun!

Finally yesterday, my new single "Bronies" is being sent to 20 radios that are located in Jakarta. It will prolly take 3 to 7 days before the song will b uploaded in their playlists and will be played on air.

So guyz, if u happen to hear it in d radio, cud u pls notify me. Thx heaps! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Schedule (November to December)

30 BoomBap! Good Music Only by Freesouls @ WonderBar 10 pm

1 National Rap Competition (World AIDS day) @ Pasar Festival Kuningan 10 am - 3pm
8 Bandung Impartarial The Launching
15 Street Jam Cup 2007 @ Bogor

Yacko speaks up about her world and Hip-Hop

"Yacko speaks up about her world and Hip-Hop"

get the latest Free Magazine from the nearest available pickup points or download the digital version at

special thx to Angga and Mr. Photographer from Free Magazine


OZ Radio Charity Car Wash

I just got back from the Oz Radio Charity Car Wash. Eventho I had to sacrifice my sunday mornin sleep, the event turned out to be so fun! It was held @ Brewww, Kemang. Started at 10ish, my turn was @ 10.30ish. I had to wash dis car, who belong to Yoka's friend from Bogor. Whatta coincidence! It was a really hot day, so it's a really perfect time to play around with water :P hihihihi

Not only me and Soul ID, but there were also Boim Ghetto, Dimas Akira, and bunch more who participated in the charity. There were also perfomances from Ten2Five, Souljah, Zeke and the Popo, and more. Souldiers and Yacko group came as well.

Overall, dis event coloured ma sunday mornin :) Thx 2 OZ, ma managers, and those LOs who have been really helpful :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Mastering

Here I am.. sittin in front of Drusteelo's notebook.. typin sum stories.. yep im waitin for d outcome of the mastering..

The 1st session was done on Wednesday by Kiki (Rizky Studio). Since I was busy with works and stuffs, i finally got to hear d result by today. It was quite an emotional moment for me. Why? coz dis album really consumed ma energy and all.. d previous album i had was supervised by DJ Edo.. he was d one who got to face with all the production stuffs and I got the final result without havin hav to worry about anythin.. Dis time, I hav to do all by myself, of course i got so much helps from Drusteelo, Flame, Haria, Kiki, JayDee, My Management, is just dat dis time I am d decision maker.. and being a Libra.. it's a bit difficult.. well u kno how Libra is.. we sumtimes overthink.. haha.. Same goes with d mastering session.. dis is d final part dat will determine whether dis is goin 2 b a good product or not.. and im worried too much... i want it to be perfect.. therefore, when there's a lil revision, i was a lil bit emotional.. my tears burst out a lil bit.. ooops! hehehe.. but Drusteelo was there to calm me down (thx brother!)...well d prob is with d speaker.. i cant just rely on one speaker only.. i need to hear d result with different speakers.. then i can draw some conclusion..

So that's what i did.. i played the cd in different speakers.. and the outcome was great!!!! there were some minor amendments, but it can be fixed rite away.. otha than dat everythin else was okay :) and yes here i am.. waitin for the result of the final mastering session...

special thx to Drusteelo, Kiki, and Flame.. thx for being patient and puttin up with me all d time :) u guyz have helped me so much.. sorry for all the troubles I've made.. luvs

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OZ Radio Live Accoustic Stories

Yesterday was the accoustic live session of Soul ID and Yacko in OZ RAdio 90.80 fm. The show started at 6 pm, knowing dat the traffic was gonna be like mad, so i decided to leave work @ 4 pm. So there u go, I went by taxi, and d taxy driver took d wrong line which caused us stucked in d traffic for like more than 30 mins. Oh ma God! what am i gonna do? so yeah.. i cudnt really do anythin except prayin and hopin dat i cud reach there on time.. so after 1.40 minutes in the taxi.. i managed to get there.. spending like 55 thousand rupiah!!! hiks.. bloody hell... rip off!

Tabib Qiu, Mapil, and Drusteelo were already there. So we went upstairs, and met Inga on the way there. glad to meet u again gurl! :) Soulbrothaz, Jaydee, and Ompil were already inside the studio preparing for the live accoustic. After some quick rehearsal, then the show begun.

It was started with the hellow hellow from the announcer.. if im not mistaken their names are om leo and vecky. Then followed by some interview with Soul ID. After few minutes of interview then Soul ID started the 1st song, Branuday (luvin d song!). anotha interview with Soul ID, full of of laugh n fun, then it was wrapped with their last song, Lho Kok.

6.30 to 7 pm was my turn. The interview was quite short but informative. I pretty much used it to promote ma 2nd album which is goin to be released very soon. There were some peepz sending text messages, asking stuffs (thx for smsing guyz!). "Jalan keluar" was the 1st song that i performed. With the help from Soul Id doing the shout and additional vocals, the song became very much alive. The last song dat I performed was the single "Bronies". it was fun, everyone was like singin along and clappin with song. thx guys, hope u like it :)

unfortunately, there's no documentation for today's live show. hopefully, next time i'll have someone do it for us. :)

special thx to OZ radio Jakarta, Soul ID, 2313 management, and those that listened to the show. :)


Stay tune to OZ Radio (Jakarta) 90.80 fm
from 6 to 7 pm
TODAY, NOVEMBER 21st, 2007

SOUL ID and Yacko
Acoustic Session
Live On Air

The very last session before the mastering begins

Yes.. last nite was the very last revision session before we finally proceed to the next session.


The producer, DJ Edo, were asking specifically to lower down the sound of the guitar, turn up the sound of flute, and shift the string sound in the chorus a lil bit to the right. and yeah Haria fixed it good.. hehe

Jalan Keluar

Dis time.. I requested to replace the current voice of nengah with the previous one.. and yes im luvin it and feelin it :)


Just adding some sounds and make it even bigger.. hahaha

Satu Cinta

Me and kiki fixed the last chorus and placed the shout at the back, coz it sounds a bit annoying before.. haha yep i admit it.. my voice can be so annoyin sumtimes.. hopefully not all d time.. hehehe

and that's it.. Thx Haria and Kiki for coping with me for the last few months.. but it's been a great journey guyz.. thx for all d luvs n efforts u put for each of ma songs..

After the revision, i still needed to do a rehearsal. Me and Soul ID will perform live on air at Radio OZ 90.80 fm today. So, Keytut, Joel, and Rama (Soul Brothaz) were helpin me with the whole acoustic session. The rehearsal went so fun. Thx guyz.

Drusteelo stayed a lil bit longer too after supervising the last revision. He looked a bit tired tho, but still managed to help me puttin my songs into the right order. Thx so much Ka :)

I went home about 12.30 am.. uhh so tired but im so excited.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks so much for placing ur vote :)

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for placing ur vote for ma 1st single. It means a lot to me. The outcome of the poll (as u can see below) is "Bronies". Therefore, for those who live in Indonesia, be sure to check out your local radio station to hear d full version of Bronies very soon.

Once again thx so much 4 d support.




Dear my beloved friends.

Thank you so much for the ongoing support by placing your vote and helpin me choosing my 1st single. It means a lot to me :)
Hasil dari polling di sudah didapat. Seperti yang kalian bisa lihat, perolehan suara untuk "Bronies" adalah 62 votes, sementara "Jalan Keluar" mencapai 27 votes.

So be sure to check out your local radio station to hear the full version of "Bronies" soon.

Sekali lagi Yacko mengucapkan banyak terimakasih buat teman2, family, Yacko groups, para music director dari radio2, para event organizers, dan semuanya untuk supportnya. God Bless You All!

Mad respect and Luvs,


Sunday, November 18, 2007

NSG and Yacko performin LIVE @ UBER DAMAGE!

Yep, it only happened @ UBER DAMAGE, Bros Lounge, last nite.
Well, i was just helpin out a friend by shakin ma botay hahahaha. But yeah NSG rocked big time!!!! and he still managed to distribute some indomie too.. ahahhaha

Thx to KiKi ILoveGlam and UBER DAMAGE of course!!! All of you dat came to dat party, you guyz party like krazzieee!!! Great party, great costume, great people, great music, great vibe!!! DOPE!!!!

check out some of the pics here - copyright by Kiki & Heder (special thx to Kiki & Heder 4 these photos)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kalian pilih single pertama Yacko yaaaa...

Wussup All!
How's it goin?

Alhamdulillah dengan support kalian smua, Yacko bakal ngerilis album ke dua..
Very very soon...

N untuk itu Yacko butuh bantuan kalian buat nentuin single jagoan Yacko,
please pilih di antara dua lagu berikut, mana sih yang kalian suka.
Your vote is highly appreciated.

a Thx so much 4 da support
God Bless u all, One Luv!


"Jalan Keluar"

The makin of the Intro .. I NEED THAT BIG SOUND!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I just wanna explore a lil bit more about dis track. I think i have mentioned before that the Intro was produced by DJ Flame (Freesouls) He said it wud b great if I use a voice over talent. Furthermore, dat voice actor sud act as a radio announcer dat reads an article about my me makin a comeback. Brilliant! I like d idea! However, i need to find someone who is willing to do it. so d question is WHO?

I told ma manager, Machan, about it. he suggested me his friend, a pro voice actor. Then, mba Gita mentioned Opa's name. After few considerations, I decided to ask Opa to do it. and i was so glad dat he said OK. yipeee!

A brief introduction about Opa. He is one of the well-known Indonesian journalists, who currently workin as the chief editor for Trax Magz. Knowin dat he has a very busy schedule, I feel so honoured to find dat he's willing to spend some of his remarkable time and do d recording. Thx yah papil!

The recording was held on Tuesday @ Rizky studio as usual. I showed him the draft dat he had to read. it's in Bahasa. He did some amendments, went to the vocal booth. After couple of take, then VOILA! done! hehe he even managed to do some different intonations and styles. Superb!

To hear d intro, betta wait til "menDua" the album hits the streets.

The Album Title is..... (drum roll please!!)

After couple of brainstorming.. I finally found d title of ma 2nd album.. well here's d process..

first, i listed all the alternatives for my album title. At the beginning, I came up with: Supergurl, the principle, satu cinta, kehidupan, Jalan keluar, The episode, The chapter.

But then again, i want to have it in Bahasa which reduce the alternatives into a few only. satu cinta, kehidupan, jalan keluar, satu episode. But then again, i still felt dat there's sumthin missin. I didnt feel d connection between those alternatives, i didnt find a story to tell behind each of those option.

Then suddenly, Gita, ma manager told me "why not Mendua" FYI, mendua is one of the songs in d album. And i was like " yeah, why not?". The meaning of mendua is like goin for 2 directions. Normally, this term is used when u're havin an affair. But here i think mendua represents what i've been thru during the production process of the album.. throughout d production process, i've been livin a double life, cheating ma music, to have an affair with ma otha job, and it goes d otha way round as well. Without tryin to sacrifice any of it, i struggle in combining both of the side. And dat's why i found dat mendua sounds perfect to be my album title.

thx mapil for d idea!

The last mixing session

Monday, November 05, 2007

Yeaaaaah! finally im happy to announce dat d mixing session has come 2 an end!..

I was a bit sick last nite but becoz i felt so excited, knowing dat it's gonna be d last mixing session, i decided to visit d studio.

The session started a bit late, well not a bit actually, it's quite late :( but i won't let it ruined ma mood. Newayz, Last nite was d schedule for "Intro" and "Satu Cinta".

1. Intro

Intro was produced by ma boy Flame. I still remembered d time when he showed me dis tune. At that time, i havent had any idea what ma intro wud sound like. I tawt i wud have someone did d beatbox and dat's it. But when I heard his stuff, I was like WOW! dis is it! dis wud b d perfect intro for ma album! it's brilliant! d recording session was quite different as well, haria and flame manipulated d recording so dat it wud sound like a live performance. Top notch! Therefore, i asked Kiki to develop d overall sound into a magnificent one, d sound dat wud make everybody focus on their attention 2 d stage when i use dis track at the beginning of a gig. Yep, dat sud be it!

2. Satu cinta

There's so many stories about dis song. Especially d struggle of waiting to get d right instruments/ beats. hahaha. D song was produced by Dade, who originally lives in Bandung. He produces beats for Absolute, Mista D, etc. D song was about love, not those love between a boy and a gurl, but it's more towards universal love, one love. It's quite an easy listening song, it's a type of song dat u wud luv 2 hear when u need 2 soothen up a lil bit, tone down ur stress and all, so i dun really need big sound. I just need some harmony, a peaceful feeling. Dat's why during d recording session, I asked Reza (Asian Groceries) to fill in d song with some guitars sound. It worked like a charm.

Well, i had to leave at 11.30 coz i had a mornin class the next day. Flame said he would come and supervise for d intro. So, I asked Kiki 2 continue workin on satu cinta and do d intro revision with Flame once he got there. Im really lookin forward for the outcome. :)


I also had a management meeting with my beloved managers yesterday. Basically, d meeting was about choosin d teaser of ma next album. We almost come 2 an agreement, but we decided to wait 'til we got d copies of all d 14 songs. Once we got d whole copies, then we wud do d last review and off we go. D teaser wud be sent to d radios. Cant wait for that. :)

NSG meets Yacko

Check out d you tube i've posted on ma page.
or u can check dis link here...

NSG meets yacko.. and preview of nu single "jalan keluar" for d 2nd album.. i must say dis NSG guy is one of a remarkable beatmakers.. check out his youtube.. far from dull.. dis guy is kraaaaziee! :)

Revision 2

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dis time is Haria's revision session.. actually we already revised 2 songs last saturday.. but there were 5 more to go.. so dis is it... :)

1. Keep it Real

So far Haria did great for dis song. We only some minor improvements, e.g. reduce the sound of the snare, tone down my shout at the beginning, and craft the end. Luvin it!

2. Mendua

One of Haria's best works. No complain. :)

3. Jalan Keluar feat. Sister Duke

Dis time NSG, d beatmaker, showed up in the studio. He's offering sum help with d song. He did some changes on d composition. Thx man :) Honestly, dis song has taken all of my energy. So many arguments with Flame happened during the mixing session. Yes, he's helped me a lot wit d song, is just dat sumtimes we both have different opinion in choosin d sound for dis song. After a couple of disputes, d song was ready. However, I personally asked Haria, for a special treatment for dis song just before d mastering session begins. Just incase if we need to do a lil bit of changes.

4. Bronies

Dis song has gone thru couple of mixing process. D 1st process wasnt really dat succesful, so we decided to redo it. Dis time d song has improved so much better. Different sounds were added and mixed. The result was better than before.

5. Apa Kabar

Produced by Edo Kingstone, dis is not a difficult song to mix. There's no significant problems happen during the mixing stage for dis song.

6. Gamelan

d only concern for dis song is dat we need to increase the voice level. some of d voices were sinked below the music. some changes were done.

7. Fiesta

Some changes were made in the composition. Said's shout was also raised a lil bit. but overall d song was a top notch. very playful and naughty added with some jamaican flava.

overall, 7 songs were mixed by Haria Utama. Although, the process was killin me, but im satisfied with d results. Thx Haria :) it means so much to me man. Now, Im happy to announce dat d mixing session is almost finished. 14% more to go! yipeeee!!!

The revision 1

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally..!!! after a month full of mixing.. got delayed by holiday here and there.. today was d first revision session for d songs dat were mixed by Kiki..

We started d session @ around 4.30.. Drusteelo was there as well to supervise..

1. Jangan berisik

D song featured Drusteelo and Tabib Qiu from Soul ID. Originally d song was produced by Drusteelo for Soul ID, but then he felt dat it would suited better for ma album. D beat is dope! one of the finest beats dat Drusteelo ever produced. Am luvin it. Some ammendments were made, especially ma voice needed to be dragged to the front.

2. Ibunda

Obviously, just by reading d title, dis song is dedicated for ma Mum. Full of emotions, full of her beautiful struggle raising me alone. No major ammendments were made, d beat itself is amazing, d type of beat dat cud really touch your emotions. Thx to Edo Kingstone for producing dis beat for me.

3. Supergurl

One of ma favorite songs in the album, produced by Wizzow. It featured 3 gurls named Taya, Sara, and Sachan. Basically, dis song is talkin about gurl power. Dat a gurl should be strong, independent and smart. These three amazing gurls here really helped me built the mood of the song. they did an amazing thing! thx so much gurls :) luv u all!! D mixing was great, just need a lil bit of bright touch and happy vibe.

4. Get down

I think i have mentioned at the beginning dat dis song is intended for the clubs. we got d big sound, however, some of ma voices were sinked, so Kiki altered dat part there.

5. Here I come

Anotha song produced by wizzow. Dis song has actually been released before in Mixology, compiled by DJ Fuzz (KL) for JunkMagazine (KL). Only dat time d song has not been mixed properly. Anotha track for club purposes.

6. Maju

This is d last song dat was recorded for d album. When Drusteelo showed me some of his beats, dis is d beat dat attracted me rite away. Dis is it! dis is d song dat would be placed on track 2 after d intro. Some choir-sound-alike was added to brings up d vibe.

we finished at around 10.30 and by dat time our ears were like numb.. hahaha.. okay.. dat's it.. we need to stop now.. im so relieved knowin d fact dat we have reached 40% of d mixing session.. cant wait for Haria's revision session which is scheduled next Friday.

note. big thx to Kaka n Kiki (hmm weird!? heuheuhe)

Happy Birthday Yacko!

Tuesday, October 10, 2007

yep today is ma day!
Current mood: thankful

am turnin into 28.. oh ma God.. am dat young! haha.. well i neva regret any single day God has given to me.. every single day in ma life has been blessed with happiness and sadness.. and dat what makes me understand life more and more.. i believe in stages and processes.. i believe dat i need to get thru some of the stages before i am able to reach each of ma dreams.. and yes i will reach each of ma dreams one by one...

thx so much 2 all my beloved friends for d bday wishes.. thx for rememberin ma bday.. :) im so grateful to have you guyz in ma life..

my love and mad respect is always b with u...

What ma horoscope says for today: "Focus more energy on your social life. Start flirting, and you'll start smiling!"

Mixing Day 4

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mixing day 4 has begun.. hey im pretty sure i have uploaded the story 4 2day.. but how come it's gone?

well then, i have 2 rewrite again what i have posted.. hiks .. i didnt even rememba what i have written hahaha

neways, today is gamelan part 2.. originally it was produced by DJ Edo.. it was a really dope beat and a sick collabo between me, jiggytime (RIP), drusteelo, and doyz d noyz..

but dis time.. d beat was produced by Drusteelo with the help of Afrogil (Soul ID).. d basic still came from DJ Edo.. beat it was a lil bit too slow dat's why i asked Drusteelo to rearrange it..

Now, Gamelan d 2nd itself features some collabo as well.. dis time some of the Indo finest emcees dropped some rhymes.. Akira, Wizzow and Mistah.. different generation different style.. dope lyrics.. what more can u ask for..

cant wait to hear d results..

Still on the mixing stage

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

anotha day has started.. "fiesta" was scheduled to be mixed today by haria.. Drusteelo, again, is the music producer for fiesta... d song featured Said from Souljah.. add some jamaican flava to the sound..and it did help in bringin up the vibe.. flame did a bit of shout as well.. During d tracking process, Haria also helped me built up the mood.. asked me to explore more.. Also, based on some suggestions, i modified the flow of the first verse...all gud!

howeva, since i had things to do in campus.. i havent had chance to listen to d outcome.. gotta wait til friday.. but im feeling optimistic..

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Reaching the mixing stage
Current mood: happy
Category: Music

yep anotha series of the mixing story...Day Two

i was not feelin really well.. but i was so excited.. thinkin dat "keep it real" and "get down" would be mixed today.. quickly after i finished ma work i went 2 Rizky studio..d road was soo darn busy and trafficky.. it's because of the whole busway thing!.. one road even had only one line since the otha line was used for the busway project..

aniweis.. i got 2 d studio.. and met Haria that was still working on "keep it real".. d song featured the infamous Soul.ID... the minute i came he mentioned dat evythin was perfect and got d "big sound" ambience.. (haha okay now stop teasin me about big sound guyz) ...only dis time the song could not be presented to me right away since there were strangers sitting down the couch on the mixing room waiting for the peeps doing rehearsal at the next room.. so til now i havent had the idea what the song would sound like..

next shift would be conducted by Kiki (rizky studio's fresh new engineer) and Drusteelo... dis time was "get down".. dis song needs big sound since it would be delivered to the clubs.. supposed to be a club bangin.. i have made a special request to Kiki and Drusteelo dat dis song needs to be really tight... where boys were supposed to dance and do a pop and lockin style and the gurls shakin deyr ass..

the end of week 5.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

finally, the album has reached the mixing stage. It has started since the beginnning of dis week. Most of the songs (13 out of 15) will be mixed in Rizky Studio. Here are some of the stories...

First day of mixing....

Haria (Rizky Studio) and Drusteelo (Soul.ID) started their midas touch by mixing "Mendua". The song itself has gone through couple of tracking process. Some killer sounds from Kitut (Soul Brothers) were added to help building the character of the song. It was dope! Thx bro.

Then, for the mixing process itself, I dun think both master-mix engineers went thru any big probs. Dey knew what I wanted. I'm not really into technical stuffs. I dun even know any. oops hehe. But one thing I know, I want big sound! i dig the sound of kick, bass, and drums or any sound dat force u to get up and dance to the song. And yep dey worked it out! it sounds so tight! Im luvin it. Thx guyz.. dis is exactly what i wanted. So i asked them 2 bounce the song to a cd and hopin dat i cud play it in ma stereos. But when i got home, Shoot! no electricity! hiks so i gotta wait til d next mornin.

testing 1, 2, 3

Yeeaaaaiiyy new blog page!!!