Monday, November 12, 2007

The Album Title is..... (drum roll please!!)

After couple of brainstorming.. I finally found d title of ma 2nd album.. well here's d process..

first, i listed all the alternatives for my album title. At the beginning, I came up with: Supergurl, the principle, satu cinta, kehidupan, Jalan keluar, The episode, The chapter.

But then again, i want to have it in Bahasa which reduce the alternatives into a few only. satu cinta, kehidupan, jalan keluar, satu episode. But then again, i still felt dat there's sumthin missin. I didnt feel d connection between those alternatives, i didnt find a story to tell behind each of those option.

Then suddenly, Gita, ma manager told me "why not Mendua" FYI, mendua is one of the songs in d album. And i was like " yeah, why not?". The meaning of mendua is like goin for 2 directions. Normally, this term is used when u're havin an affair. But here i think mendua represents what i've been thru during the production process of the album.. throughout d production process, i've been livin a double life, cheating ma music, to have an affair with ma otha job, and it goes d otha way round as well. Without tryin to sacrifice any of it, i struggle in combining both of the side. And dat's why i found dat mendua sounds perfect to be my album title.

thx mapil for d idea!

1 comment:

Gita said...

Yeap Pil!

Glad wiz da idea! menDUA can cover everything of u, rite?
ur business life (being a rapper as well as a lecturer, wow!!), ur song title and even ur private life (OH NO....!!)

always be there for u,Pil!
Luv u!