Monday, November 12, 2007

The makin of the Intro .. I NEED THAT BIG SOUND!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I just wanna explore a lil bit more about dis track. I think i have mentioned before that the Intro was produced by DJ Flame (Freesouls) He said it wud b great if I use a voice over talent. Furthermore, dat voice actor sud act as a radio announcer dat reads an article about my me makin a comeback. Brilliant! I like d idea! However, i need to find someone who is willing to do it. so d question is WHO?

I told ma manager, Machan, about it. he suggested me his friend, a pro voice actor. Then, mba Gita mentioned Opa's name. After few considerations, I decided to ask Opa to do it. and i was so glad dat he said OK. yipeee!

A brief introduction about Opa. He is one of the well-known Indonesian journalists, who currently workin as the chief editor for Trax Magz. Knowin dat he has a very busy schedule, I feel so honoured to find dat he's willing to spend some of his remarkable time and do d recording. Thx yah papil!

The recording was held on Tuesday @ Rizky studio as usual. I showed him the draft dat he had to read. it's in Bahasa. He did some amendments, went to the vocal booth. After couple of take, then VOILA! done! hehe he even managed to do some different intonations and styles. Superb!

To hear d intro, betta wait til "menDua" the album hits the streets.

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