Sunday, November 18, 2007

NSG and Yacko performin LIVE @ UBER DAMAGE!

Yep, it only happened @ UBER DAMAGE, Bros Lounge, last nite.
Well, i was just helpin out a friend by shakin ma botay hahahaha. But yeah NSG rocked big time!!!! and he still managed to distribute some indomie too.. ahahhaha

Thx to KiKi ILoveGlam and UBER DAMAGE of course!!! All of you dat came to dat party, you guyz party like krazzieee!!! Great party, great costume, great people, great music, great vibe!!! DOPE!!!!

check out some of the pics here - copyright by Kiki & Heder (special thx to Kiki & Heder 4 these photos)

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