Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Mastering

Here I am.. sittin in front of Drusteelo's notebook.. typin sum stories.. yep im waitin for d outcome of the mastering..

The 1st session was done on Wednesday by Kiki (Rizky Studio). Since I was busy with works and stuffs, i finally got to hear d result by today. It was quite an emotional moment for me. Why? coz dis album really consumed ma energy and all.. d previous album i had was supervised by DJ Edo.. he was d one who got to face with all the production stuffs and I got the final result without havin hav to worry about anythin.. Dis time, I hav to do all by myself, of course i got so much helps from Drusteelo, Flame, Haria, Kiki, JayDee, My Management, is just dat dis time I am d decision maker.. and being a Libra.. it's a bit difficult.. well u kno how Libra is.. we sumtimes overthink.. haha.. Same goes with d mastering session.. dis is d final part dat will determine whether dis is goin 2 b a good product or not.. and im worried too much... i want it to be perfect.. therefore, when there's a lil revision, i was a lil bit emotional.. my tears burst out a lil bit.. ooops! hehehe.. but Drusteelo was there to calm me down (thx brother!)...well d prob is with d speaker.. i cant just rely on one speaker only.. i need to hear d result with different speakers.. then i can draw some conclusion..

So that's what i did.. i played the cd in different speakers.. and the outcome was great!!!! there were some minor amendments, but it can be fixed rite away.. otha than dat everythin else was okay :) and yes here i am.. waitin for the result of the final mastering session...

special thx to Drusteelo, Kiki, and Flame.. thx for being patient and puttin up with me all d time :) u guyz have helped me so much.. sorry for all the troubles I've made.. luvs

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