Monday, November 12, 2007

The last mixing session

Monday, November 05, 2007

Yeaaaaah! finally im happy to announce dat d mixing session has come 2 an end!..

I was a bit sick last nite but becoz i felt so excited, knowing dat it's gonna be d last mixing session, i decided to visit d studio.

The session started a bit late, well not a bit actually, it's quite late :( but i won't let it ruined ma mood. Newayz, Last nite was d schedule for "Intro" and "Satu Cinta".

1. Intro

Intro was produced by ma boy Flame. I still remembered d time when he showed me dis tune. At that time, i havent had any idea what ma intro wud sound like. I tawt i wud have someone did d beatbox and dat's it. But when I heard his stuff, I was like WOW! dis is it! dis wud b d perfect intro for ma album! it's brilliant! d recording session was quite different as well, haria and flame manipulated d recording so dat it wud sound like a live performance. Top notch! Therefore, i asked Kiki to develop d overall sound into a magnificent one, d sound dat wud make everybody focus on their attention 2 d stage when i use dis track at the beginning of a gig. Yep, dat sud be it!

2. Satu cinta

There's so many stories about dis song. Especially d struggle of waiting to get d right instruments/ beats. hahaha. D song was produced by Dade, who originally lives in Bandung. He produces beats for Absolute, Mista D, etc. D song was about love, not those love between a boy and a gurl, but it's more towards universal love, one love. It's quite an easy listening song, it's a type of song dat u wud luv 2 hear when u need 2 soothen up a lil bit, tone down ur stress and all, so i dun really need big sound. I just need some harmony, a peaceful feeling. Dat's why during d recording session, I asked Reza (Asian Groceries) to fill in d song with some guitars sound. It worked like a charm.

Well, i had to leave at 11.30 coz i had a mornin class the next day. Flame said he would come and supervise for d intro. So, I asked Kiki 2 continue workin on satu cinta and do d intro revision with Flame once he got there. Im really lookin forward for the outcome. :)


I also had a management meeting with my beloved managers yesterday. Basically, d meeting was about choosin d teaser of ma next album. We almost come 2 an agreement, but we decided to wait 'til we got d copies of all d 14 songs. Once we got d whole copies, then we wud do d last review and off we go. D teaser wud be sent to d radios. Cant wait for that. :)

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