Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's been happenin lately?

Hi Best buddies!

How u guyz been? I hope u all in a top notch condition. I've been very good myself, pretty much enter a nu chapter in ma life.

I know i've been away from music for a while (recording wise), performing alhamdulillah masih (berkat great work of management2313), ngajar lumayan menyita waktu, n siaran lagi kebetulan off bulan ini but im still handling Go Hot (Global Hiphop Night every Saturday in 88.4 fm Global radio).

Apa sih plan Yacko ke depannya di music? well that thoughts have been in my mind for quite a while. to tell u the truth, i miss the studio work and all. passion gw ngga akan pernah padam eventho mungkin gw belum pernah produce any big. and it's not really my point here, i just wanna make music, write lyrics, spread love and inspire people. it's just dat im having a a lil difficulty in managing my time at the moment.

kemaren gw baru dikirimin hasil kolaborasi antara KrazieStarr dr Singapura n Altimet dr KL. and semangat gw mulai bangkit lagi. mungkin ini saatnya rilis sesuatu. since i teach marketing, the basic thing before u even release a product is to understand the needs and wants of the consumer. however, ada kalanya dimana setiap musisi try different things and lelah dengan semua kata2 "ahh kurang ngejual nih, or ah kurang ini itu" yang bikin kuping panas. Kritik itu bagus apalagi yg sifatnya membangun, tapi bayangkan setiap orang pasti punya needs and wants tersendiri, and kita dituntut untuk menfulfil semua itu. well might as well just do segmentation aja. ya ngga. u dun have 2 target the entire market. aim at a specific one. the most attractive target market is not always the largest one! mangkanya ada kalanya u gotta follow dat rules, choose who ur target is and try 2 develop a product based on what they need and want.

therefore, based on those thing, this time i just wanna put sumthin out. i kno who my target is. it's YOU!!!!! yes, all of YOU!!!! and again i need your support for that. Soon or later, I will definitely release sumthin 4 all of u. Thank you once again for all the supports all this time. Stay true and much luv!