Monday, November 12, 2007

the end of week 5.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

finally, the album has reached the mixing stage. It has started since the beginnning of dis week. Most of the songs (13 out of 15) will be mixed in Rizky Studio. Here are some of the stories...

First day of mixing....

Haria (Rizky Studio) and Drusteelo (Soul.ID) started their midas touch by mixing "Mendua". The song itself has gone through couple of tracking process. Some killer sounds from Kitut (Soul Brothers) were added to help building the character of the song. It was dope! Thx bro.

Then, for the mixing process itself, I dun think both master-mix engineers went thru any big probs. Dey knew what I wanted. I'm not really into technical stuffs. I dun even know any. oops hehe. But one thing I know, I want big sound! i dig the sound of kick, bass, and drums or any sound dat force u to get up and dance to the song. And yep dey worked it out! it sounds so tight! Im luvin it. Thx guyz.. dis is exactly what i wanted. So i asked them 2 bounce the song to a cd and hopin dat i cud play it in ma stereos. But when i got home, Shoot! no electricity! hiks so i gotta wait til d next mornin.

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