Monday, February 21, 2011

YACKO will perform at IDP Hipnotis Flexi Dance Terror with SOUL ID and NEO

Alana has been Brrapped!

My daughter, Alana (19 months), has officially been Brrapped! She just woke up from her nap when I was reviewing the draft of Brrapp!'s clip in my notebook. Suddenly, she pushed me back and check out what really happens after that. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video made by my students :)

I just got this video this morning and it has officially made me cry. I remember how I used to teach them and few times were angry at them coz they were very noisy. Apart of that, teaching their class is one of my memorable classes and one of the most fun! To be able to see them improving as well as sharing all the laughs and knowledge were two of the things that I will not easily forget.

Thank you for the love Kath, Peter, Dick, Derin, Batra and Theo. You guyz take care and make me proud yah :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Judul Lagu Artis Telkomsel (Bulanan) Telkomsel (Mingguan)  XL Indosat Esia, 3, Flexi,          Axis
Yacko Brrapp (High Version) 2211813 2211815 BRAP1 BRAP1 2211813
Yacko Brrapp (Ready Version) 2211814 2211816 BRAP2 BRAP2 2211814

Operator Ketik Kirim ke Tarif
Telkomsel (Bulanan) RING SUB (KODE) 1212 RP 9,000/30 hari
Telkomsel (Mingguan) RING SUB (KODE) 1212 Rp 3,000/7 hari
XL (KODE) 1818 RP 7,000/30 hari
Esia (Bulanan) RING (KODE) 888 RP 9,000/30 hari
Esia (Mingguan) RING (KODE) MINGGU 888 Rp 3,000/7 hari
Indosat (Bulanan) SET (KODE) 808 RP 7,000/30 hari
Indosat (Mingguan) MG (KODE) 808 Rp 2,900/7 hari
3 (KODE) 1212 RP 7,000/30 hari
Axis (Bulanan) ON (KODE) 333 RP 7,000/30 hari
Axis (Mingguan) MG (KODE) 333 RP 3,000/30 hari
Flexi RING SUB (KODE) 1212 Rp 8,000/30 hari
Smart (KODE) 2525 RP 7,000/30 hari

My new Tattoo by Indra Prof D

I've been craving to get a new one since Alana was born. Obviously, I wanna have her name tattooed somewhere. Been saving up some money, but it always ends up somewhere else. Now that the chance is right around the corner, it's a perfect time to get it done.

To me a tattoo is like a symbol of me being able to pursue one of my dreams. This time, I have been able to reach TWO of them, having Alana and having Brrapp! played and mixed by DJs and supported by many MCs on the dance floor plus having Brrapp! climbed on the playlist of local radios with the help from Radio MDs and Radio DJs. So yeah, BIG UPS for them!

That's why, I contacted Indra Prof D, one of the talented tattoo artist. He came up with the design which I think is brilliant. Then, voila, i finally got it done! Thanks so much Prof! Looking forward to get the next one. Here's the picture :)

Can you guess what it is? :)