Monday, November 12, 2007

Still on the mixing stage

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

anotha day has started.. "fiesta" was scheduled to be mixed today by haria.. Drusteelo, again, is the music producer for fiesta... d song featured Said from Souljah.. add some jamaican flava to the sound..and it did help in bringin up the vibe.. flame did a bit of shout as well.. During d tracking process, Haria also helped me built up the mood.. asked me to explore more.. Also, based on some suggestions, i modified the flow of the first verse...all gud!

howeva, since i had things to do in campus.. i havent had chance to listen to d outcome.. gotta wait til friday.. but im feeling optimistic..

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Reaching the mixing stage
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yep anotha series of the mixing story...Day Two

i was not feelin really well.. but i was so excited.. thinkin dat "keep it real" and "get down" would be mixed today.. quickly after i finished ma work i went 2 Rizky studio..d road was soo darn busy and trafficky.. it's because of the whole busway thing!.. one road even had only one line since the otha line was used for the busway project..

aniweis.. i got 2 d studio.. and met Haria that was still working on "keep it real".. d song featured the infamous Soul.ID... the minute i came he mentioned dat evythin was perfect and got d "big sound" ambience.. (haha okay now stop teasin me about big sound guyz) ...only dis time the song could not be presented to me right away since there were strangers sitting down the couch on the mixing room waiting for the peeps doing rehearsal at the next room.. so til now i havent had the idea what the song would sound like..

next shift would be conducted by Kiki (rizky studio's fresh new engineer) and Drusteelo... dis time was "get down".. dis song needs big sound since it would be delivered to the clubs.. supposed to be a club bangin.. i have made a special request to Kiki and Drusteelo dat dis song needs to be really tight... where boys were supposed to dance and do a pop and lockin style and the gurls shakin deyr ass..

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