Monday, December 6, 2010


Greetings people!
The day that you have been waiting for has arrived. Yacko is back with more pummeling sound and mind-melding hooks on Brrapp! While Brrapp itself is a word that shows some excitement, Yacko claimed that Brrapp also means I'm Black, I Rap, and I'm Proud. Either way, are you ready to Brrapp?

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Written by Y.A.C.K.O
Produced by NSG
Under Rizky Rekordz


we got plenty plenty time so show me what u got!

West side east side north and south
ready to brap papapapap
ready to brap papapapap

keep up with beat get fresh with me
u said u cooler than me
NSG and me we're in the front row
we be in control we keep d bank roll
raise ur glass high coz we fingerlickin fly
yeah we phenomenal phenomenal dat's why
keep movin on til the early morn
on and on til the break of down

I take you high
now we go low

i got jtown in my hand
im back by popular demand
this jawn is hot
u better show me what u got

flyin in the first class
pass me dat champagne glass
we got plenty plenty time so show me what u got