Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Jakarta: Yacko, Hip Hop Mom

Yacko appears in The Jakarta Globe. Below you can see the article that was written by Fariez Setiawan. Thx Fariez, Nice piece!

Yani Oktaviana, 29, is no ordinary housewife. She is also known as Yacko, a female rapper, and teaches marketing, PR, human resources development and management at INTI College in Jakarta. She also finds time to work as a DJ at Global FM.

While on maternity leave, she told us why she likes to stay so busy, and why she wouldn’t mind if her daughter followed in her footsteps as a rapper.

Why do you rap under the name Yacko?

It’s an old nickname that I’ve had since junior high school. I was a tomboy, and my friends said that Yani was an inappropriate name for me; too feminine, they said. They started calling me Yacko instead, playing on the first two letters of Yani and Oktaviana.

Why rap? Why not pop music or emo?

Rap music represents the way I think. It’s fast and crammed with words. In one verse alone you can express so many things. And I love the beat of drums and bass in hip-hop. I fell in love with rap when I was 13 years old, listening to the radio and collecting cassettes. In 1992, I attended a rap competition in Surabaya and joined the Pumpkin Rapper Crew, where I learned more about lyrics and beat block. When I was 16, I recorded a compilation album called “Pesta Rap [Rap Party] 2.”

What about when you’re lecturing, do you ever rap for your students?

No! But sometimes, when I explain something and I talk too fast, my students tease me, “Miss Yacko’s started rapping!” Sometimes, I use rap music terminology to explain certain subjects. For instance, when I explained the meaning of “fat,” which can mean “very rich” in rap songs.

What subjects do you teach?

I teach marketing, PR, HRD and management.

When the college employed you, did they know who you were?

They knew, and weren’t concerned about my appearance, even though I was sporting dyed blonde hair and pierced body parts. My students, on the other hand, knew nothing about me. When they saw my medallion bearing the name “Yacko,” they asked me, “Hey, Miss Yani! Are you a Yacko fan?”

You teach a wide array of subjects. What was your major?

I was in the business management MBA program at Wollongong University, Australia.

US rappers speak more about social issues, while Indonesian rappers touch on seemingly lighter subjects. Why is that?

Actually, the media associates rap music in Indonesia with teenagers and we’re forced to conform to the market demand. We bring up similar subjects, but shift the lyrics in ways that are more palatable for Indonesians. People here like parodic and catchy lyrics, so we soften them. Owing to our cultural differences with Americans, we steer away from profanity. Sometimes we even mix hip-hop music with gamelan, without losing the poetic content representing the social issues.

How is the rap music scene here? Are there rap battles?

Hip-hop and rap music came to Indonesia around 20 years ago, but it’s still growing. Saykoji [another Indonesian rapper] once set up Hip-Hop Asongan, which was a freestyle [rap] battle on the street. It was a fun and entertaining show, and seeing the performances of Indonesian rappers in action attracted more people to hip-hop and rap music.

You’re a mother, a wife, a rapper, a lecturer and a radio DJ. If you could only do one of these things, which would you choose?

You have to set motherhood and the life of a wife aside. Those two roles are my destiny as a woman. While the rest are my professional passions. As a rap singer, a lecturer and a radio DJ, I can share my musical and practical knowledge with others. Through rapping and DJing, I can inform my listeners about social issues and cool rap music. As a lecturer, I can discuss practical knowledge with my students.

As a wife and a mother, I learn more about myself. Especially about how to control my ego in order to maintain harmony with my loved ones. All in all, my roles are for developing and motivating others and myself as a person. It’s a learning process.

What about your 1-month-old daughter, Alana? Would you be happy if she wanted to follow in your footsteps?

It’s entirely up to her. I will not push her into rap music, she can choose any kind of music or profession she likes. But, the funny thing is, when I was carrying her, I played classical music like Mozart, just like the media tells us to if we want to develop our babies’ aptitude. Her response was to kick and turn as if she didn’t like it. When I played hip-hop music, she calmed down and kicked to the beat. Now, I lullaby her to sleep with hip-hop music.

What’s the next project that you have lined up?

I want to produce a compilation album of Indonesian female rappers. We have many aspiring female rappers who are still unknown. I want to introduce them to the public. And God willing, my third album will be launched by the end of the year.

Yacko was talking to Fariez Setiawan.


Hi best buddies! how have u been?

I just wanna say hi and happy fasting for those who celebrate Ramadhan.For others, i hope u all in a good shape.

I oso wanna let u best buddies kno dat Yacko has twitter now. To find out any updates about Yacko, please just search Yacko or go to

Let's begin 2 tweet each other :)

Much Luv,


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mind the Bump :)

Yes, me and Nicko are currently expecting a baby soon. I have already started 2 develop a huge tummy and dat means I can hardly button my jeans anymore hehehe.. I started to wear loose-fitting clothes and legging to work... However, tight shirt is still wearable on the weekend.. :)

Frankly speaking, I only gained around 7 kilos. It's not that I did not eat, it's just dat all the fatty goes to my baby. She (yes, my doctor says it's gonna b a baby gurl) is very active, kicking and pushing me here and there. During daytime or night time is even more.

The most important thing is that I wanna thank God for giving me this strength and strong baby. Hopefully everything goes well til the due date. Pray for me yah guyz :)

Below you can see some of the photos. Is that a baby bump? Yes it is :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As you best buddies know, that Yacko is also working as a lecturer in INTI College Indonesia. This time she and her students visited Sea World Indonesia for Public Relations project. It was a really fun day!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Setelah lama tidak berkutat di studio, akhirnya Jumad lalu (050609), Yacko kembali menginjakkan kaki di SoulDungeon studio, which is studionya Soul ID family. Itupun setelah menempuh perjalanan yang ngga deket, Kebon Sirih - Rempoa on Friday, hehehe can u imagine?

Okay, so what's the occassion? I'm so happy coz Soul ID gave me anotha chance to do a collabo with 'em. Judulnya Miss Etalase untuk album Like Love Lifenya SOUL ID. Begitu denger beatnya langsung suka. Tapi sempet ada kekhawatiran mampet pas bikin lyrics, coz it's been quite a while ga nulis. Untungnya setelah diganjar sama pasta delitzio, liriknya mengalir dan langsung take deh. Ditambah vibe bekerja bareng Drusteelo memang selalu menyenangkan.

and yeah berada di studio memang selalu membangkitkan semangat untuk produksi lagu2. Sekalian aja pilih beat2 bikinan Drusteelo for my next album and ngobrolin sedikit konsep buat album ke-3.

Neways, what about my mini album then? I'm currently waitin for one last song to be sent to me. Update terakhir sih, lagunya lagi dalam proses mixing. Mudah2an sih akhir June ini sudah bisa dirilis. Bocoran sih, lagu2 di mini album ini lebih uptempo semua and beberapa diantaranya merupakan kolaborasi. Jadi sabar aja yah.. Once it's done, i'll definitely let u guys kno :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


by Opa

Acungkan dua jempol untuk solidaritas musisi tanah air. Terbukti dari acara Music For Life yang berlangsung semalam (15/4) di Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. Berlangsung mulai jam 18.30 dan berakhir jam 01.30 esoknya. Acara yang bertujuan mulia untuk menggalang dana buat korban Situ Gintung itu berhasil dituntaskan dengan gemilang oleh gabungan band-band baik mereka sebagai pendatang baru maupun band-band mapan.
Tercatat mereka yang ikut berpartisipasi menyumbang talenta adalah KLa Project, Naif, The Titans, Maliq n d'Essentials, Drive, Steven n The Coconutez Trees, Pee Wee Gaskins, Lyla, Ariyo Wahab, Indonesian Idol All Stars. Caffeine, Baron n The soulemate, Ronaldisko, Garasi, Bella Shapira, Ten 2 Five, Marvells, Tiket, Tangga, Idealego Feat. beby Soebarja, Alexa, Jikunspain, Emmt Labib, PHD (Prisma Hema Dewi), Domino, Ussy Sulistiowati, Kunci, Melani Subono, Sandy Canester, Soul ID, Yacko, Ras Mohamad, dll. Tak ketinggalan nama-nama seperti VJ Daniel, VJ Ben, Arie Dagienkz, Melani Ricardo, Hilyani, Soraya Hylmi, Safira, Denddy Kunci,ikut meramaikan acara sebagai MC.
Ada beberapa kejutan menarik sepanjang acara seperti tampilnya reuni Plastik, band legendaris. Walau yang tampil hanya Ipang dan Aray, minus Didit, namun penampilan Plastik cukup menarik perhatian pengunjung. "band ini sudah sangat lama tidak tampil bersama," kata Bowo, penggemar Plastik yang seperti mendapatkan jackpot bisa menyaksikan secara tak terduga band pujaannya. Sementara Yacko lain lagi. Demi kesuksesan acara ini rapper cewek ini tetap memaksakan tampil walau tidak fit karena sedang hamil. Akibatnya Yacko pingsan selepas manggung.
Selain acara utama di dalam Hard Rock Cafe, acara Music for Life juga menggelar konsep ngamen di depan pintu HRC. Koridor Plasa EX lantas berubah menjadi ajang ngamen band-band yang cukup punya nama seperti Gribbs, Beage, Tahta, Anima, Zu, Kanda dll. Ajang ngamen ini ternyata menarik perhatian banyak orang yang lalu lalang di Plasa EX.
Slank yang gagal tampil karena sebagian personilnya berhalangan hadir, datang diwakili Abdee Negara. "Saya salut dengan solidaritas temen-temen musisi. Inilah yang bisa diberikan oleh seniman musik. Ini juga tanda bahwa musisi itu peka terhadap keadaan sosial. Yang paling cepat diberikan oleh musisi adalah talenta mereka dalam konser seperti ini," komentar Abdee.
Selain dihadiri para musisi dan artis ternama, para enterpreneur seperti Adri Subono, Emil Abeng, Remi Sutansyah juga hadir. (opa)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



8. Bidang R A P

K - 22 ( KARYA PRODUKSI RAP ) Terbaik

( Penghargaan untuk ARTIS PENAMPIL & PRODUSER atas sebuah Karya )








Kungpow Chicken





Untuk Indonesia

Rizky Recordz/ Javaindo


Tabib Qiu

Jalan Pilihan

Rizky Recordz/ Javaindo




Rizky Recordz/ Javaindo

My family SOUL ID is also nominated for this award below:



( Penghargaan untuk ARTIS PENAMPIL & PRODUSER atas sebuah Karya )








Global Rhythm

Way Back Home




Selamat Malam



Mala & The Bandit

Kenangan Indah

Octav Gape/ RPM


Soul ID

Boogie Time

Rizky Recordz/ Javaindo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's been happenin lately?

Hi Best buddies!

How u guyz been? I hope u all in a top notch condition. I've been very good myself, pretty much enter a nu chapter in ma life.

I know i've been away from music for a while (recording wise), performing alhamdulillah masih (berkat great work of management2313), ngajar lumayan menyita waktu, n siaran lagi kebetulan off bulan ini but im still handling Go Hot (Global Hiphop Night every Saturday in 88.4 fm Global radio).

Apa sih plan Yacko ke depannya di music? well that thoughts have been in my mind for quite a while. to tell u the truth, i miss the studio work and all. passion gw ngga akan pernah padam eventho mungkin gw belum pernah produce any big. and it's not really my point here, i just wanna make music, write lyrics, spread love and inspire people. it's just dat im having a a lil difficulty in managing my time at the moment.

kemaren gw baru dikirimin hasil kolaborasi antara KrazieStarr dr Singapura n Altimet dr KL. and semangat gw mulai bangkit lagi. mungkin ini saatnya rilis sesuatu. since i teach marketing, the basic thing before u even release a product is to understand the needs and wants of the consumer. however, ada kalanya dimana setiap musisi try different things and lelah dengan semua kata2 "ahh kurang ngejual nih, or ah kurang ini itu" yang bikin kuping panas. Kritik itu bagus apalagi yg sifatnya membangun, tapi bayangkan setiap orang pasti punya needs and wants tersendiri, and kita dituntut untuk menfulfil semua itu. well might as well just do segmentation aja. ya ngga. u dun have 2 target the entire market. aim at a specific one. the most attractive target market is not always the largest one! mangkanya ada kalanya u gotta follow dat rules, choose who ur target is and try 2 develop a product based on what they need and want.

therefore, based on those thing, this time i just wanna put sumthin out. i kno who my target is. it's YOU!!!!! yes, all of YOU!!!! and again i need your support for that. Soon or later, I will definitely release sumthin 4 all of u. Thank you once again for all the supports all this time. Stay true and much luv!