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Yacko signed her first record contract when she was 16 years old. She and her group Pumpkin Crewjoined a compilation called Pesta Rap 2 (1996) with a single called Nongkrong. Then, after finishing her Master degree, Yacko's 1st solo hiphop album entitled Refleksi (EMI Music Indonesia) was released in 2005. The album was produced by Sydney's DJ and musician DJ Edo under the record label of Arqetech Studios. Two years after, Yacko released Mendua (RizkyRekordz) which was under heavy gauze layers of catchy hooks and melody.

In 2010, Brrapp!, Yacko's 1st single from the upcoming album was released and managed to capture lots of attention from the crowd. All Nite Long (produced by Doe) featuring Lloyd Popp was coming up next and followed the huge success. 11 remixes were crafted by various DJs and the song was on heavy rotation in the clubs. 3rd single, Filthy Rich feat. Lawrence Philip was number 1 at Paranoia Dance Chart for two weeks in a row. 

Yacko’s 3rd solo album, “The Experiment”, is now officially released and available to be purchased. The Experiment contains 13 songs that will blast your stereo. The name of the album speaks for itself, collaborating tightly with Random (Javabass), who is well known as a drum n bass/electronic DJ/producer, Yacko is attempting to conduct a venture at something different from her previous album. Random has helped Yacko in the production by blending her rhymes and hip hop sound with a mixture of different elements of music.

It becomes an experimental hip hop album since The Experiment features beats that come straight from range of respected producers from different scene. From Random itself to Mo Charizma (Zero One), HERUWA (Dubyouth & Shaggy Dog), Jaya Aydra (Midnight Quickie), Osvaldo Nugroho & Dixie (The45MF), Dmust Akira,  Doe, Electro Oby and Male. Each fabricate diverse kind of feeling that would kill on the dance floor, from juke, trap, drum n bass, to dub step, jungle and the latest electronic dance music. At times the most striking element is the oppressive bass that swells up which will attract people from just nodding their heads to different kind of style of dancing, which favors fast feet and athletic skill. Collaboration with various musos such as Lloyd Popp, Davina (Extra Large), Raben RVMT, Midnight Quickie, HERUWA and Liquid Silva (Canada) also add strong flavors to this album.

She's the one who's living a double life, hectic & busy 24/7. A college lecturer by weekdays and a rapper as fate would have it. Having performed at different venues in Indonesia and alongside international artist like Lil Jon in Singapore, Yacko definitely caught people's attention.If you are into a performer that is high-caliber, full of stamina and energy, Yacko's performance is surely not to be missed.

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RaNdY MoOzZaA (HIP-HOP PAPUA) said...

Hallo Yacko...
salam kenal Aku salah satu Rapper Lokal Asal Papua... aku juga Fans Berat Kamu...

Lagu2 Kamu Krend abies... kamu juga salah satu inspirasi aku tuk berkarya di ujung timur Indonesia (papua)

Di Dalam Blog Aku Ada Photo2 Kamu Yacko Yang Aku Ambil Pada Saat Evend NRC12 di Bandung...

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Aku Ingin Kamu Mengoreksi Musik Ku Link Ini www.reverbnation.com/randymoozzaa

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