Wednesday, January 30, 2008


01/30/2008 11:43 am

halloooooooo yacko pa kabar nehhh
i really like it your album
btw your first singels brownies get number one spot for two weeks in'my radio 103,8 gita fm medan in top 10 indonesia

ps. special thx for Fauzie :)



Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Freesouls Rumble @ X Lounge, Jakarta
Host @ Embrio Kemang
Sunday’s Noise @ TeeBox Cafe
Hole on the wall @ RCTI
Launching Qitix @ Vicky Sianipar, Manggarai, Jakarta
Emceeing for DJ Flame & DJ Ethnic @ X Lounge, Jakarta
Freesouls Event @ Xlounge, Jakarta
Java Jazz, Jakarta
After Party Album Launch Yacko

Friday, January 25, 2008


MEET Soul ID & Yacko @ PIM2 26Jan08 3-6pm
Beli CD dan dapet ttd + foto bareng ama Soul ID dan Yacko @PIM2 Sabtu, 26jan08 3 - 6pm

Isinya :

Souldiers, Yacko Groups, HipHopers, friendz and otherz.....

Soul ID & Yacko would love to meet you ALL !!
@ Fudkort PIM Dua
3-6 pm

yuuuk kita ngobrol2, beli CD nya Soul ID & Yacko, dapetin tandatangan, foto bareng, dapetin bisnis jualan CD n gila2an laennya!

CD Collussion (Soul ID + DMust Akira) : 15rb - 7 songs
CD MenDUA (Yacko) : 25rb - 14 lagu

Gita Riupassa
m. 0812 940 2923 / 021 9 3838 925

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Comprises of 15 fresh tracks, Mendua is an album not to be missed!
1. Livetro
2. Maju
3. Jangan Berisik feat. Drusteelo & Tabib Qiu
4. Bronies
5. Jalan Keluar feat. Sister Duke
6. Apa Kabar feat. Kingstone
7. Supergurl feat. Taya, Sara & Sachan
8. Mendua
9. Here I Come
10. Fiesta feat. Said Souljah
11. Gamelan #2 feat. Akira, Wizzow, Mistah
12. Ibunda
13. Keep it Real feat. Soul ID
14. Get Down
15. Satu Cinta

"FOR ONLY Rp.25.000,-"

Get it in your local music store or please call Gita Riupassa +628129402923 or +622193839925 to order.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yacko - Live Accoustic @ Trax FM

For you guys that missed Yacko's Accoustic performance
at Trax FM, a week ago, dont worry we have the recording for you guys!

Yacko played all of her new songs from the upcoming album in Accoustic mode

Here we go guys
Link : YackoTraxFM

Please do enjoy.


Yep.. just got a nu tat.. and nope it's not just a trend or 'latah'.. getting a tattoo is a big decision and you really need to make sure that you think about it properly before you do me, each tattoo dat i have pretty much represent one of the goals i have achieved in ma life..

at first i wanna get it done last year.. but since lots of things needed to be considered.. such as design, the tattoo studio, the tattoo artist, schedule, etc... then finally last saturday i finally got inked :)

I had it done at this tattoo studio called Rock&Roll Studio. The tatto artist is Bobby, one of the distinguished tatttoo artists in Jakarta. He was the one who designed the artwork too, the name of my mum, Renee, in black and grey. Then, the fun began.

I havent got myself a tattoo since 3 years a go. Ma last one was the one at the lower back. Eventhough i knew how painful it was, still i was nervous. Coz lots of ma friends mentioned dat d the inner part of the upper arm (where ma tat would b placed) is the most painful place to get a tat. Well, the first 5 minutes was quite painful. Bobby tried 2 make me relaxed by starting a convey so dat i would focus on the pain on sumthin else, and yes it helped me to take ma mind off things. Kadek also helped me to ease d pain. She was also d one who took ma picture while i got inked. Thx dek :)

Moreover, the shorter lines were still ok coz before the pain registered the line had stopped. The longer lines definitely hurt more, but still nothing horrid. I didnt feel anythin at all when he was doing the shading. Then again, I have decided that even tho it did hurt, whatever pain I felt or that you may feel is something very minimal to the satisfaction that you will feel afterwards. Finally, it lasted prolly around 40 mins and it looked SOOO DYAMN GOOOD!!!! thx Bobby! am luvin it! I was so happy dat i cudnt stop smiling hihihihi. Thx to Jempol as well 4 d help.

Now, I'd recommend that if any of u want to get a tat u should definitely think about it. Yes it is painful, but the pain is bearable, and once it's over, u basically forget it. Here are some photos..




Friday, January 18, 2008


Yes! BRONIES is #1 on NIKOYA TOPINDO 12!!!

Here's the chart...

1 3 5 Yacko Bronies
2 5 4 Anuar Zain Tinggalkan Aku
3 4 4 Jendral Sebaiknya
4 7 3 Bondan Prakoso & F2B Expresikan
5 12 2 Mulan Jameela Mahluk Tuhan Paling Sexy
6 1 6 Pilot Sepanjang Hidupku
7 8 3 Sir Rooney Ternyata Kau Mendua
8 9 3 Pandawa Tak Sepenuh Hati
9 2 6 Padi Belum Terlambat
10 - - Oxxy63 Band Tak Menjadi Nyata
11 6 7 Ari Lasso Feat. BCL Aku Dan Dirimu
12 - - Syuga 8 Hari Seminggu

Thx Radio Nikoya!! :)


Date Venue
1.25.08 Freesouls Happy People @ Willow, Jakarta

1.26.08 Emceeing for DJ Edo @ Equinox, Jakarta

2.22.08 Launching Qitix @ Vicky Sianipar, Manggarai, Jakarta

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last monday was Yacko & Soul ID + Dmust Akira's showcase @ Digital Beat, Paris Van Java, Bandung. I managed to get a half-day leave from ma campus. Thx 2 ma Head of Department & Dean :) Neways.. we left Jakarta at about 1 pm riding dis van.. 1st team to leave Rizky Studio comprises of Machank (2313 management), Soul ID (Drusteelo, Jaydee, Tabib Qiu), Dmust Akira, Safri (Dmust's manager), Yacko, Roby d shy MC (ma crew), and Soulbrothaz (Ijoel, Keytut).

It was a fun ride, otw to bdg we were listening to SOUL ID's nu single. Yep the CD is out guyz. I will write some post about it later on. Then, we were playing dis game called konsentrasi tingkat tinggi, hehe u need to be in d car to find out what the game is.

We reached Bandung @ 3.20. we were supposed to have this radio interview in Oz, unfortunately, we're late! so it wud be re-scheduled again. sorry OZ! so, we continued d journey to...... AMPERA!!!! yaaaay... i've been cravin for usus ayam n babat!!! nyam nyam.. we ate lyk kraziee. it's like we havent had food for 3 days.. hihihi...

Right after dat, we went to Blitz straight away to do d sound check. DJ Schizo, Mista D, Ujang and Gobel (Ballstar) were already there. Without further ado, we did some sound check. Yacko was up first, then Dmust, followed by Soul ID. Finished at around 6.30ish. Meanwhile, Mbak Gita (2313 management) & Rama (Soulbrothaz) reached Blitz @ about 6.15.

It was already 8 pm when we finished preparin for d performance. Me & Jaydee, accompanied by Mbak Gita were messin around in the ladies toilet. Mascara, eyeshadows, blush on and many makeup kits were lyk everywhere. hehehe. Then after waitin for lyk 20 minutes, the show began.

Dmust was d first to go up on stage. He rocked d show & performed 3 songs. Kanye West - Stronger was even in the list too. He closed it with his hit single "Cinta ini" (correct me if im wrong yah mas hehehe). Good job Dmust!

Then, i got to perform next. Dj Schizo spinned d beat and opened d show, with "Maju", an upbeat song from my 2nd album. Then saying hi to the audiences who came to support us. "Gamelan" from 1st album & "Get down", from 2nd album forcing Mali and his friends to dance on the floor. Next song was Fergie-London Bridge mixed with "Here I Come" made the people shout back and sing along. "Keep it Real" (yes d song will be in Mendua) with ma fam SOUL ID was up next. It's been a long time ey fam! really enjoy d time!

What's next was the freestyle session. Few emcees were there dat nite, Mali, Mista D, Sindhu, Adi Jovee. So mite as well, we did sum freestyle. however, mista d was missin in action and Sindu felt a bit sleepy (hehehe), so d 1st emcee was Roby d shy mc. Then, Mali with his crunk style. He rocked d mic lyk kraziee!! rockin it hard wit c-walk too.. hahaha! Adi Jovee showed us what he's got, dope! but d highlight of d nite was Jaydee Soul ID. She did some freestyle too!!! whoooaaa.. dis is lyk d first time i saw her doin it. Krazie!!! Thx guys for droppin some rhymes! After that, I continued with another 3 songs, "That Girl Yacko", "Jalan Keluar" and wrapped it up with ma latest single "Bronies".

Eventho it was a lil bit raining, the showcase was great. Soul ID made it even better. They hit the stage with Wanita (Esoyuelaidi). Not wasting time, we then get "Lho Kok" (JiwaRaga). Tabib Qiu's single "Jalan Pilihan" (Manusia 3D) was next. They also promoted their album to the crowd. Then, "Branuday" sounded so fresh and so good as usual. Leading into the next song, Soul ID called d mistery guest to go up on stage. It was Dmust Akira! Together, they performed "Maukah", "L.O.V.E" and "Jangan Lagi". All taken from "The Collusion". It was an attractive performance and great sound indeed. The show finished @ 10ish. After socializing with friends that came, we left Bandung around 11.05 pm.

Much love and thank yous to Blitz, Digital Beat, the sound engineer there, 2313 management, Soul ID, Soulbrothaz, Dmust, d van driver, DJ Schizo, Ujang, Iyo, DJ Odotto, Amal, Wemby, Gobel, Mista D, Sindhu, Niko, Ryan, Mali & the peepz, Adi Jovee, Sonic Squad, Arief Joneiarto, yg lupa kesebut jangan marah yah.. hehehe but for those who came and supported us dat nite and wished us luck.. Thanks so much yah! See u next time!.. hopefully soon! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


d rumors have spread dat i'll be releasing my album soon.. at least u'll be lookin at sumtimes around the end of January.. yes dat's true!

so far.. i am pleased 2 tell u dat d album cover is finally being printed.. speaking about d album cover production...i wud like 2 give d credits 2 d people dat i work with..much luvs n than yous for them....

d photography was done by PeoplePlay, two amazing people named Didit & Nico. I found them 2 b very cooperative and comfortable 2 work with. Thx guyz 4 all d experiences and great results.

And as mentioned below by Flame (btw thx 4 d post Mod :)) d brainchild of the cver design and concept is an amazing street artist dat go by d name of ARKS. D process itself started approx. 1.5 months ago. At dat time i still had no clue who should design d cover album. Then I saw d flyers dah he designed 4 Freesouls, there you go, I found ma conceptor! So i contacted him and we had our 1st meeting @ Flame's crib. He responded everythin posititively and agreed in doin dis project. Thx Arks!!! :) After went thru some brainstormings, he came up wit d 1st design. It's almost there, but color wise, i think it's still need to be retouched.
Then a week later, he came up with a different one. This is it!!! d first time i saw d design and color, I knew dat dis is gona b ma cover for ma 2nd album Mendua. Am in love with it!!!
So yeah, i told him dat and he sent me some more choices for colors. D choices are pink, blue and green. It's tough, i gotta choose between pink and green. But then, i chose d pink & white one.
Next stage was to send him with all d credit titles and lyrics. d Thank you notes came last. It's not easy 2 write some thankyous, i gotta make sure dat i didnt leave people behind. But If I happen 2 miss ur name, I am so sorry. didnt do it in purpose.
Moreover, next was d proof print stage. We gotta make sure dat whateva we saw in d screen is printed on the paper. We went thru dis stage twice. coz d first one is not really convincing.
Last but not least, d duplication. Yep, d album has reached dis level! Finally!
Thank you so much for PeoplePlay, Arks 4 all d time and ideas and hard work, Flame for all d supervision, RizkyRekordz for being patient.
I will post d picture of Mendua cover album soon. and when i do, lemme kno what u think. meanwhile have a good weekend!!! Ciao! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yacko @ Blitz Megaplex

Kemarin sore, saya menghabiskan waktu di Blitz Megaplex,
kebetulan emang lagi gak ada kerjaan, ya tsu' langsung berangkat.
Agak kepagian sih, gw nyampe jam 5 jek!!! Sadezz kan!!
Ketemu Yacko, DJ Schizo, dan Heru Bunjani.

Akhirnya memutuskan untuk nyemil Burger King!
Swiss Mushroom, with fries! That's the shyiieeet yo!
Ngobrol2 ama Yacko, yg katanya bakal release album kedua nya anytime soon.
Rencana akhir bulan katanya. Sekarang masih ribet di desain kover.
Yang desain kover nya aja Street Graffiti artist ternama, ARKS (
yang dikenal lewat coretan2 dindingnya, dan custom sneakers nya.

Jujur gw pribadi penasaran, pengen tau gimana album Yacko yg kedua.
Yang katanya prosesnya hampir makan waktu 2 1/2 tahun.

Abis dr Burger King, pas banget JFlow mau manggung.
Ketemu Ras Muhammad, Wiz, Drusteelo, Johndoe, Vidie Y'all, Bigg R,
Cassanova, Dmust Akira dan banyak banget. Gak nyangka banyak yg dateng.

Sekedar intermezzo, acara ini dibikin oleh DB Music Store, yang mempromosikan alternatif distribusi musik.
Yang bakal kepake banget apalagi sama kita Hiphop scenes.

Anyways, J Flow manggung, jujur gw suka sama perform ni orang.
Banyak lagu yg jualan. Dan kayanya emang pas banget dibawain bareng band "Chosen".
Sekitar 6 / 7 lagu dibawain, gw berdiri didepan terus bareng anak2.
Karena emang enjoy!

JFlow selesai, giliran Yacko yang didampingi oleh Oby dan DJ Schizo...
gila men lagu baru semua yg dibawain, yah sneak-peak album baru laah...=)
kecuali ada satu lagu dari album pertamanya "Gamelan" yang emang salah satu personal favorit gw.
Beat nya bouncy man!!!
Trus gw gak tau judul lagu2 barunya tapi yang paling gw inget lagu "Jalan Keluar" dan "Bronis"
yang emang sempet dibocorin Yacko buat nentuin single pertamanya.
O iya sempet ada freestyle2an bareng Yacko, karena banyak rapper yg hadir, great %*$$ yo!

Berdua keren jek, JFlow dan Yacko,
awesome performance, emang kayanya mereka siap memiliki tahun 2008.

*. Yacko TRAX FM live interview

*. J-Flow Yo

*.The people behind Yacko =)

*. Chillin

*. Yacko and Hot Hunks!

contibutor : DJ Flame