Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After four months of waiting and many delays, today (15/08/12) Yacko has released the music video Filthy Rich. Filthy Rich was directed and edited by Bima Girinda, one of the Indonesian drum and bass scenes most respected names, who is also considered as a brilliant and visionary clip director. The talented D.O.P Deska Binarso and Wisangggeni as the lighting man were also involved in the making of the video.

The video represents the i-dont-care-about-haters attitude as the song was inspired by a quote from Coretta Scott King (the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr) “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated”. Graffiti walls as well as two young professional skaters (Satria Vijie and Deny Lizam) playing skateboards were also included as part of the elements that express freedom.

Most of the scenes were shot in Puink Skate Park, Kuningan Bridge and the underpass near Wisma BNI 46 building. You could also see a glimpse of Lawrence Philip, who is also known as DJ Random or DJ Lawrence (Javabass), the beat maker of this song. Live footages of Yacko and Lawrence at The Barons, during Phunktion (regular Javabass event) were also added to the video.

Moreover, this video is powered by Converse, Obey, Famous and Marc Ecko 20:20. For more info about Puink Skate Park, follow @puinkskatepark and visit

Here's the video. Nanananana jumpin around!