Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mind the Bump :)

Yes, me and Nicko are currently expecting a baby soon. I have already started 2 develop a huge tummy and dat means I can hardly button my jeans anymore hehehe.. I started to wear loose-fitting clothes and legging to work... However, tight shirt is still wearable on the weekend.. :)

Frankly speaking, I only gained around 7 kilos. It's not that I did not eat, it's just dat all the fatty goes to my baby. She (yes, my doctor says it's gonna b a baby gurl) is very active, kicking and pushing me here and there. During daytime or night time is even more.

The most important thing is that I wanna thank God for giving me this strength and strong baby. Hopefully everything goes well til the due date. Pray for me yah guyz :)

Below you can see some of the photos. Is that a baby bump? Yes it is :)