Monday, November 12, 2007

Revision 2

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dis time is Haria's revision session.. actually we already revised 2 songs last saturday.. but there were 5 more to go.. so dis is it... :)

1. Keep it Real

So far Haria did great for dis song. We only some minor improvements, e.g. reduce the sound of the snare, tone down my shout at the beginning, and craft the end. Luvin it!

2. Mendua

One of Haria's best works. No complain. :)

3. Jalan Keluar feat. Sister Duke

Dis time NSG, d beatmaker, showed up in the studio. He's offering sum help with d song. He did some changes on d composition. Thx man :) Honestly, dis song has taken all of my energy. So many arguments with Flame happened during the mixing session. Yes, he's helped me a lot wit d song, is just dat sumtimes we both have different opinion in choosin d sound for dis song. After a couple of disputes, d song was ready. However, I personally asked Haria, for a special treatment for dis song just before d mastering session begins. Just incase if we need to do a lil bit of changes.

4. Bronies

Dis song has gone thru couple of mixing process. D 1st process wasnt really dat succesful, so we decided to redo it. Dis time d song has improved so much better. Different sounds were added and mixed. The result was better than before.

5. Apa Kabar

Produced by Edo Kingstone, dis is not a difficult song to mix. There's no significant problems happen during the mixing stage for dis song.

6. Gamelan

d only concern for dis song is dat we need to increase the voice level. some of d voices were sinked below the music. some changes were done.

7. Fiesta

Some changes were made in the composition. Said's shout was also raised a lil bit. but overall d song was a top notch. very playful and naughty added with some jamaican flava.

overall, 7 songs were mixed by Haria Utama. Although, the process was killin me, but im satisfied with d results. Thx Haria :) it means so much to me man. Now, Im happy to announce dat d mixing session is almost finished. 14% more to go! yipeeee!!!

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