Monday, November 12, 2007

The revision 1

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally..!!! after a month full of mixing.. got delayed by holiday here and there.. today was d first revision session for d songs dat were mixed by Kiki..

We started d session @ around 4.30.. Drusteelo was there as well to supervise..

1. Jangan berisik

D song featured Drusteelo and Tabib Qiu from Soul ID. Originally d song was produced by Drusteelo for Soul ID, but then he felt dat it would suited better for ma album. D beat is dope! one of the finest beats dat Drusteelo ever produced. Am luvin it. Some ammendments were made, especially ma voice needed to be dragged to the front.

2. Ibunda

Obviously, just by reading d title, dis song is dedicated for ma Mum. Full of emotions, full of her beautiful struggle raising me alone. No major ammendments were made, d beat itself is amazing, d type of beat dat cud really touch your emotions. Thx to Edo Kingstone for producing dis beat for me.

3. Supergurl

One of ma favorite songs in the album, produced by Wizzow. It featured 3 gurls named Taya, Sara, and Sachan. Basically, dis song is talkin about gurl power. Dat a gurl should be strong, independent and smart. These three amazing gurls here really helped me built the mood of the song. they did an amazing thing! thx so much gurls :) luv u all!! D mixing was great, just need a lil bit of bright touch and happy vibe.

4. Get down

I think i have mentioned at the beginning dat dis song is intended for the clubs. we got d big sound, however, some of ma voices were sinked, so Kiki altered dat part there.

5. Here I come

Anotha song produced by wizzow. Dis song has actually been released before in Mixology, compiled by DJ Fuzz (KL) for JunkMagazine (KL). Only dat time d song has not been mixed properly. Anotha track for club purposes.

6. Maju

This is d last song dat was recorded for d album. When Drusteelo showed me some of his beats, dis is d beat dat attracted me rite away. Dis is it! dis is d song dat would be placed on track 2 after d intro. Some choir-sound-alike was added to brings up d vibe.

we finished at around 10.30 and by dat time our ears were like numb.. hahaha.. okay.. dat's it.. we need to stop now.. im so relieved knowin d fact dat we have reached 40% of d mixing session.. cant wait for Haria's revision session which is scheduled next Friday.

note. big thx to Kaka n Kiki (hmm weird!? heuheuhe)

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