Monday, November 26, 2007

OZ Radio Charity Car Wash

I just got back from the Oz Radio Charity Car Wash. Eventho I had to sacrifice my sunday mornin sleep, the event turned out to be so fun! It was held @ Brewww, Kemang. Started at 10ish, my turn was @ 10.30ish. I had to wash dis car, who belong to Yoka's friend from Bogor. Whatta coincidence! It was a really hot day, so it's a really perfect time to play around with water :P hihihihi

Not only me and Soul ID, but there were also Boim Ghetto, Dimas Akira, and bunch more who participated in the charity. There were also perfomances from Ten2Five, Souljah, Zeke and the Popo, and more. Souldiers and Yacko group came as well.

Overall, dis event coloured ma sunday mornin :) Thx 2 OZ, ma managers, and those LOs who have been really helpful :)

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