Monday, November 12, 2007

Mixing Day 4

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mixing day 4 has begun.. hey im pretty sure i have uploaded the story 4 2day.. but how come it's gone?

well then, i have 2 rewrite again what i have posted.. hiks .. i didnt even rememba what i have written hahaha

neways, today is gamelan part 2.. originally it was produced by DJ Edo.. it was a really dope beat and a sick collabo between me, jiggytime (RIP), drusteelo, and doyz d noyz..

but dis time.. d beat was produced by Drusteelo with the help of Afrogil (Soul ID).. d basic still came from DJ Edo.. beat it was a lil bit too slow dat's why i asked Drusteelo to rearrange it..

Now, Gamelan d 2nd itself features some collabo as well.. dis time some of the Indo finest emcees dropped some rhymes.. Akira, Wizzow and Mistah.. different generation different style.. dope lyrics.. what more can u ask for..

cant wait to hear d results..

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