Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OZ Radio Live Accoustic Stories

Yesterday was the accoustic live session of Soul ID and Yacko in OZ RAdio 90.80 fm. The show started at 6 pm, knowing dat the traffic was gonna be like mad, so i decided to leave work @ 4 pm. So there u go, I went by taxi, and d taxy driver took d wrong line which caused us stucked in d traffic for like more than 30 mins. Oh ma God! what am i gonna do? so yeah.. i cudnt really do anythin except prayin and hopin dat i cud reach there on time.. so after 1.40 minutes in the taxi.. i managed to get there.. spending like 55 thousand rupiah!!! hiks.. bloody hell... rip off!

Tabib Qiu, Mapil, and Drusteelo were already there. So we went upstairs, and met Inga on the way there. glad to meet u again gurl! :) Soulbrothaz, Jaydee, and Ompil were already inside the studio preparing for the live accoustic. After some quick rehearsal, then the show begun.

It was started with the hellow hellow from the announcer.. if im not mistaken their names are om leo and vecky. Then followed by some interview with Soul ID. After few minutes of interview then Soul ID started the 1st song, Branuday (luvin d song!). anotha interview with Soul ID, full of of laugh n fun, then it was wrapped with their last song, Lho Kok.

6.30 to 7 pm was my turn. The interview was quite short but informative. I pretty much used it to promote ma 2nd album which is goin to be released very soon. There were some peepz sending text messages, asking stuffs (thx for smsing guyz!). "Jalan keluar" was the 1st song that i performed. With the help from Soul Id doing the shout and additional vocals, the song became very much alive. The last song dat I performed was the single "Bronies". it was fun, everyone was like singin along and clappin with song. thx guys, hope u like it :)

unfortunately, there's no documentation for today's live show. hopefully, next time i'll have someone do it for us. :)

special thx to OZ radio Jakarta, Soul ID, 2313 management, and those that listened to the show. :)

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