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New Hip Hop Flavas For Ya Ears (Junk

Those who claim hip hop is dead can never be more wrong. This year especially seems to be rife with new hip hop album releases in the Asian region. It’s definitely a healthy thing because it’s about time hip hop is making some noise again since slinking under the radar for a few years now. Asian hip hop has definitely risen to the occasion and with all the collaborations, beefing ain’t even an issue anymore. It’s all about the love. Here’s just a few quick updates on what’s going on around the region.


Altimet – First Among Equals (March 2008)

King Of Malaysia (KOMY for short) is probably one of the illest MCs in Malaysia and he’s finally dropping this much-anticipated album First Among Equals. This will feature the hit singles “Sayang Sayang” with Mawar Berduri and his latest single that’s getting heavy airplay on radio, “Chantek” featuring Adeep of Fabulous Cats.

Malique – OK (March 2008)

The other half of Malaysia rap phenomenon Too Phat is out with a Malay rap album. His collaboration with new Malaysian soul singer Najwa on “Kau Yang Punya” which is a remake of The Roots’ “You Got Me” has been getting mad airplay on Indonesia radio even before the album is released! Watch this.

Dose Two – Ordinary Heroes (April 2008)

The big boys of Flow Familia be working hard on their first record together with Sona One and they are called The Goodfellas as a collective. Trix and Qube have released a limited pre-album called Morning Pills featuring tracks you won’t hear on Ordinary Heroes and it’s already sounding dope.

SSK – RM (Rap Melayu) EP (April 2008)

NBE and Saph (making up SSK) are two boys featured on The Rebel Scum’s “Bakdatang” single. NBE has released his solo single “MC Struggle” as a first single. You will also find “Posesi MC”, the single from SSK as a duo.

DJ Fuzz - Mixology 2 (April 2008)

One third of super Stylustiks and Bum Squad DJ is releasing his new and improved mixtape featuring tracks from the hottest acts from the region. Gathering acts such as Silksound, Che’Nelle, DJ Lethal Skillz, Cesar Comanche, Vandal and Ramallah Underground, it’s already off the dope hook.

Various - OneAsia (April 2008)

Fifteen rare tracks from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei compiled as a ‘Asian Hip Hop’s Best Kep Secrets’ album. From Thaitanium to DJ Nesh to Yin T’sang to Infinite Flow, this is a great collectors’ item.

Jin Hackman – Jinius At Work (June 2008)

This Rogue Squadron emcee attacks his words with his lyrical rhymes that will make you weak in the knees. With productions by Funktionz (Emceedavid) and RS very own beatmakers namely Phrozt (Familyboy), HQA (The Rebel Scum) and Skware-1, you got to recognize that this LP is going to be dope.

Joe Flizzow – The President (July 2008)

The icon of Malaysian hip hop himself, Joe Flizzow has been hyping KL City for the longest time. Featuring big outfit of KRS-One on “Get It Done” with collaborations from emcees and producers from around the region, this is one album not to be messed with.


Yacko – Mendua (January 2008)

One of the biggest female MCs in Indonesia recently released her 15-track CD. This album features some of the best producers in the game with guest appearances by Sister Duke, Kingstone, Soul ID, Mistah of Diplomats International, Wizzow, Akira, and Said Souljah. Yacko’s first single “Bronies” is already burning up the charts, and the second single “Jalan Keluar” with Sister Duke is definitely catching up fast

Soul ID & Dmust Akira – The Collusion (February 2008)

After Soul ID’s third album Jiwaraga in 2007, one of the members went on to pursue a solo effort, but they kept it high and released something new. This will be Soul ID’s fourth album with new guest member Dmust Akira featuring the lead single “Maukah” that has been hitting high on Indon radio charts.

Various - Just Duit Volume 2 (April 2007)

A long-awaited follow up to the first Just Duit and has been creating buzz in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. This Diplomats presentation of Just Duit Volume 2 a DIPNET Mixtape features new ish from The Diplomats International that includes collaborations from a list of amazing names and contains tracks from The Diplomats International’s up-coming album as well as Freestyles and Exclusives.


Masia One – Pulau (April 2008)

This Singaporean/Canadian female emcee’s translated as ‘the island’ will pay tribute to both her heritage and explore the influences of her newfound musical environments featuring collaborations with Nicolay and The Buddah Brothers. Baby girl is taking over.

Krazie Starr – King Kong Drumz (May 2008)

Citing the ever so innovative Missy Elliott as a main influence, this 20 year old Singaporean just wants a hella fun with his own brand of Hip Hop. With production from singer/songwriter/producer Imran Ajmain, with production by Brand New Feeling, Magic Potions and K.Starr’s own label, MagixxMusixx.

Freaky Z – The F Dept (May 2008)

This very successful comedic Singaporean rapper is releasing a new release that will be more street and darker than his first release Fymphs. On The F Dept, it will be Freaky Z’s first time to have a list of featured artistes from the Lion City to keep it fresh including Bless, Xstatix and Irfan.


Various - Profit & Pleasure (May 2008)

Unreleased singles from Bangkok’s LuxLivin’ label artistes featuring Allurre the big boss man himself, also including SAC, Def L, Ink, Silverback, Mr. Saxman, Mark Kozen from seemless Clothing/LIFE Entertainment and even Malaysia’s Altimet. Unheard tracks from each artistes’ album will be heard in this compilation. Another must grab for Hip Hop rarity.


Pamilia Dimagiba – The Resistance (Third Diagram) (March 2008)

This hard spitting outfit from Manila is known as the premier underground group. Pamilia D has been an independent act since 1997 and now finally able to release their first album ever, after their Dra*Manila EP. These 6 Filipinos’ new single “Larangan”, an old Tagalog word which translates craft or filed, is on fire!

Marquiss - G.R.A.E (Greatest Rap Album Ever) (May 2008)

This track will be released on Marquiss's upcoming album entitled G.R.A.E and will also serve as a single to promote SPECKS, a budding new urban clothing line in the Philippines.

Compiled by Kevin Yeoh

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