Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yep, it's the end of January 2008 semester! Finally, all the hard work has been paid off. All the krazie schedules, developing assignments, and the struggle of marking the papers in d middle of tight promo schedule. Haaaah... akhirnya gw bisa bernafas lega, stretching ma back, relaxing a lil bit. :)

From 5 classes dat I handled dis semester, only 1 student performed badly, and i had no choice but to fail d student. Sad but true. Some students really deserved to be given an A, all because of their effort and hard work thru out d semester. Some others deserve to only just pass, due to their average performance. But one thing I can say, I had a really good time dis semester. Thanks to all ma students who have brightened ma day. Congratulations guyz! I am so proud of you! and for those of u who failed, dont give up d fight!

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