Thursday, January 3, 2008


It's 8.25 am now.. i was supposed to hav an early class which is Human Resource Management. However, since dis is just d 1st week of d new semester where students havent really enrolled yet, i found maself wonderin around in front of ma computer screen and yes of course writin dis post.. hehe :)

Let's see.. i kno i've been writing a lot about ma music journey so far.. dis time i wanna spill few stories of ma otha journey.. which is sharin knowledge with ma students..

why i called it sharing knowledge.. coz it's not only them who learn from me, it's actually vice versa..i gained lots of experiences from them too..especially when it comes to learn about people's behavior.. and learn on how 2 b patient.. hehe.. i must say handling a big class is not the same wit managing a small one..

okay.. dis semester.. i b handling 5 subjects.. yep FIVE...(imagine what the workload wud be)... one i already mentioned above, then i hav Public Relations, Marketing, Managing Organization for BBa, and the last one is MAnagement & Organizational Behavior.. being a lecturer dat means i hav 2 arrange and develop all d tests and assignments, mark them, invigilate them, and of course everythin has to be submitted without exceeding d duedate... it's fun and sumtimes can b so stressin as well (aint every job lyk dat?) hehehe... but yes i enjoy every minute of it..

now can u tell what kind of look i gave 2 ma students here? hehehe



wurei said...

Absolutely You are the nicest and funkiest lecturer on j'town, Mizz Yacko! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. im flattered...
thx wuri.. how u been?
it's been a long time...
hope all is good with u..