Saturday, January 12, 2008


d rumors have spread dat i'll be releasing my album soon.. at least u'll be lookin at sumtimes around the end of January.. yes dat's true!

so far.. i am pleased 2 tell u dat d album cover is finally being printed.. speaking about d album cover production...i wud like 2 give d credits 2 d people dat i work with..much luvs n than yous for them....

d photography was done by PeoplePlay, two amazing people named Didit & Nico. I found them 2 b very cooperative and comfortable 2 work with. Thx guyz 4 all d experiences and great results.

And as mentioned below by Flame (btw thx 4 d post Mod :)) d brainchild of the cver design and concept is an amazing street artist dat go by d name of ARKS. D process itself started approx. 1.5 months ago. At dat time i still had no clue who should design d cover album. Then I saw d flyers dah he designed 4 Freesouls, there you go, I found ma conceptor! So i contacted him and we had our 1st meeting @ Flame's crib. He responded everythin posititively and agreed in doin dis project. Thx Arks!!! :) After went thru some brainstormings, he came up wit d 1st design. It's almost there, but color wise, i think it's still need to be retouched.
Then a week later, he came up with a different one. This is it!!! d first time i saw d design and color, I knew dat dis is gona b ma cover for ma 2nd album Mendua. Am in love with it!!!
So yeah, i told him dat and he sent me some more choices for colors. D choices are pink, blue and green. It's tough, i gotta choose between pink and green. But then, i chose d pink & white one.
Next stage was to send him with all d credit titles and lyrics. d Thank you notes came last. It's not easy 2 write some thankyous, i gotta make sure dat i didnt leave people behind. But If I happen 2 miss ur name, I am so sorry. didnt do it in purpose.
Moreover, next was d proof print stage. We gotta make sure dat whateva we saw in d screen is printed on the paper. We went thru dis stage twice. coz d first one is not really convincing.
Last but not least, d duplication. Yep, d album has reached dis level! Finally!
Thank you so much for PeoplePlay, Arks 4 all d time and ideas and hard work, Flame for all d supervision, RizkyRekordz for being patient.
I will post d picture of Mendua cover album soon. and when i do, lemme kno what u think. meanwhile have a good weekend!!! Ciao! :)

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