Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yep.. just got a nu tat.. and nope it's not just a trend or 'latah'.. getting a tattoo is a big decision and you really need to make sure that you think about it properly before you do anything....to me, each tattoo dat i have pretty much represent one of the goals i have achieved in ma life..

at first i wanna get it done last year.. but since lots of things needed to be considered.. such as design, the tattoo studio, the tattoo artist, schedule, etc... then finally last saturday i finally got inked :)

I had it done at this tattoo studio called Rock&Roll Studio. The tatto artist is Bobby, one of the distinguished tatttoo artists in Jakarta. He was the one who designed the artwork too, the name of my mum, Renee, in black and grey. Then, the fun began.

I havent got myself a tattoo since 3 years a go. Ma last one was the one at the lower back. Eventhough i knew how painful it was, still i was nervous. Coz lots of ma friends mentioned dat d the inner part of the upper arm (where ma tat would b placed) is the most painful place to get a tat. Well, the first 5 minutes was quite painful. Bobby tried 2 make me relaxed by starting a convey so dat i would focus on the pain on sumthin else, and yes it helped me to take ma mind off things. Kadek also helped me to ease d pain. She was also d one who took ma picture while i got inked. Thx dek :)

Moreover, the shorter lines were still ok coz before the pain registered the line had stopped. The longer lines definitely hurt more, but still nothing horrid. I didnt feel anythin at all when he was doing the shading. Then again, I have decided that even tho it did hurt, whatever pain I felt or that you may feel is something very minimal to the satisfaction that you will feel afterwards. Finally, it lasted prolly around 40 mins and it looked SOOO DYAMN GOOOD!!!! thx Bobby! am luvin it! I was so happy dat i cudnt stop smiling hihihihi. Thx to Jempol as well 4 d help.

Now, I'd recommend that if any of u want to get a tat u should definitely think about it. Yes it is painful, but the pain is bearable, and once it's over, u basically forget it. Here are some photos..




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