Friday, April 20, 2012

The Making of FILTHY RICH Live Video Shoot (13/04/2012)

First of all, I'd like to thank JAVABASS Sound System for giving me the opportunity to do this live video shoot in #PHUNKTION75 at D'Barons. This has been a rare opportunity for me! So yeah, thanks so much Jerome, Sinto and Lawrence. Also to other DJs who also spinning the deck that night ADDER and OSGD. Of course big ups to the MCs as well, DFMC, Drift and Eloop. To Deska and Boris, thx man, hope u got some good shots!

Also much thanks to OBEY, Famous & Converse for providing us with new get ups for the video shoot.

At around 1 am, me and Lawrence took over the DJ booth. Rage Against the Machine was played to pump up every blood on the floor. Right after that, Filthy Rich was played. It sounds so frikkin DIIIRRRTTY! All the crowds gone MENTAL! I didn't know what to say, except YOU GUYS ARE FRIKKIN MASSIVE! thanks so much for being part of the live video shoot. I felt some kind of euphoric high and didn't realize that I almost lost voice that night. Unless you've experienced this feelin, you might not know what the heck I'm talkin about.

Here are some of the photos I took from Lawrence's blog

Me powered by CONVERSE & FAMOUS

Some more behind the scene footage can be seen in RoyaleVideoMagazine. Thanks for posting it on your website RVM!!!

To Nicko, Jaka, Krucil, Rully Annash, Maha, Narend, Sarah Glandosch, and any of you who came to #PHUNKTION75 and contribute to the live video shoot.... Much bass & Love!

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