Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Download NICK - Ghost

My husband, Nicko Krisna who is always passionate about music finally released his first single GHOST right on this Valentine's day. and no the song is not dedicated to me - Thank God! - but it's kinda like a cynical song towards the world that he wrote from the deepest of his heart.

GHOST is actually a part of his latest project called NICK. Together with Gemmy (ex vocal-guitar Mentholium Minusone) and AdeKris (ex drummer Blossom Diary, Gunver, dan Hazel), Nicko is planning to explore more. This song also features Moyas (ex Poniland) adding the drums/loops in the sequence.

Bunch of hip hop heads also help the production of this song. Recording session is done in the Soul Dungeon Studio of Endru Soul ID and the mixing mastering crafted by Wizzow. 

Me? Im just happily supporting my lovely husband :) and u kno what? if u listen carefully, u'll probably hear my voice too :P

To download click http://deathrockstar.info/nick-ghost/

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