Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video made by my students :)

I just got this video this morning and it has officially made me cry. I remember how I used to teach them and few times were angry at them coz they were very noisy. Apart of that, teaching their class is one of my memorable classes and one of the most fun! To be able to see them improving as well as sharing all the laughs and knowledge were two of the things that I will not easily forget.

Thank you for the love Kath, Peter, Dick, Derin, Batra and Theo. You guyz take care and make me proud yah :)


2313 management said...

Heeei y'all,

am Gita, Yacko's manager.
Tx for the love given to Yacko.
I know, despite of her stubburn & how tough she is, Yacko is fully encouraged to make other people stay positive.

Keep on supporting her and again tx so much to y'all!

Karin Zhou said...

hihihi. thanks for posting it miss. glad you like it. :)
and yes we will always support you!