Monday, December 2, 2013

INK & PAINT Music Video is now on Youtube!


This video is dedicated to Street Art and Tattoo scene in Indonesia. Mad props to all the Street Artists & Tattoo Artists in Indonesia and all over the world!

Music Video Produced by: PrinceFilms
Directed by: Jovan Arvisco @arvisco +6283898384977
Edited by Dycal @dycal01
Yacko is powered by @miskaNYC available @PennyJakarta

Much Respect & Big Up to these people for making it happen:
Maze @tattoolarasati
Random @lawrencerandom
Nicko Krisna (NICK_CULT)
Haris Boris
Pangky BaksBuks Tattoo & team
Ambon Lawless Tattoo & team @unboundkill @lawless_tattoo
Legob No Big Deal Tattoo @andilegob @NobigdealJKT
Agoy No Big Deal Tattoo @yogafeliciano
Kenly @koma_indo
Jablay @UrbanBujangan
Irfan Nugroho @bulletos
#SpaceAvailableJKT team

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