Monday, May 21, 2012

Filthy Rich Number 1 on TRAXJAMU chart TRAXFM (19th May 2012)

Last Saturday I got an invitation from TRAX FM to conduct an interview and live perform at TRAX JAMU, a local music chart program from TRAX FM.

The interview went very smooth and fun, the hosts, Joey and Dewi, they're like Kreeeiiiiziiii!! :)

and it turns out to be.... Filthy Rich is sitting on the peak position!!!! Yeah man, FILTHY RICH is NUMERO UNO this week!!!! Woohooooooo!!!!!

I really didnt expect this and of course I'm grateful to hear it. Hey Lawrence, we made it man :)

Thx TRAX FM, Esha, Joey and Dewi for the hospitality!

Much Love!

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