Monday, June 23, 2008

Industrial Visit to Global Radio

This post may not have anythin 2 do wit' ma music.. but i just wanna share some of ma activities with ma students in college.. Lyk any other college the lecture activities are conducted in d classroom.. but as u mite have experienced before when u were still a student, u tend to get bored listening 2 what ur lecturers said.. and i dun wan ma student think am boring.. hahaha.. so dat's why i sumtimes arrange an industrial visit.. and dis time we visited one of the freshest radio in J-town "Global Radio".

The purpose of this industrial visit is to build industry-academia interface which will help to fill the theoretical gaps and thus foster a great understanding about the real world of work, specifically in the public relations and mass communication area. However, this time i only included BSP4 students, since dis is d area dat dey sud experience. Next time i will include more students to join.

Newayz, ma students looked so enthusiastic.. dey asked lots of questions, and Thanks to Global Radio.. each of them got a goodie bag.. yay! hehehe also special thx to Mrs. Ike Nurjanah, Mr. Rudi and Mr. Joe Danu for d hospitality.. :)

here are some photos:

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