Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Yes the album launching party for Janet Jackson and Mary J Blidge was mad!!! it was packed as hell as everybody was centred at the dance floor... and as always we Freesouls party like a rockstar...!!

Of course all of these wudnt happen without d help from Universal Music Indonesia and Equinox and all the peeps who supported us Freesouls ...... just to name a few, Management 2313, Benhil City Rockerz, Sania, Iwa K, Eno Netral, Gilbert, David, & Iwan St. Loco, Kerispatih,Sim F, Eno’s beautiful sister Tasha Gitari, Tamara Geraldine, Rahma Azhari, the BIG BOSS of Universal Music Indonesia Mr. Tumiwa & the whole family of Universal Aldo, Lia; Reza Sechan, Ade Sechan, Togaz OZ, Angga FreeMagz & Monique, Terry SevenDeadlySins, Acoy & Ceppy, Rhyme-On, DJ Dimaz & Melissa, DJ Edo, Kadek, Lunatic & Nuiko & Ballstar fam, Taman Aries fam, Belle & Beni, Didit, Dani, Vidie yall, Big R, Cua, all of u guyz who were there dat nite.... and lots, lots, lots, lots more…

side and freesouls would lyk to say BIG THANKS for all of u!!!!

here are some photos, but for more u can check

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